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Solve Employee Retention with Increased Net pay at Zero Cost

Adopt Circle without any Cost Or Change To Your Existing Systems


Deposit Free Rental

Real Time Bonus

Daily Salary

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Offerings For  Employers

A simple Zero Cost app to boost retention of your employees

Real-Time Bonus

Increase your Employee Salary at Zero cost

Circle Pays Your Employee monthly bonuses at 0 Cost to You

Company still pays the Bonus at the Year End Only If the employee stays

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Deposit Free Rental

Say goodbye to hefty security deposits to your Landlord 

Now Circle pays your security deposit

You only incur a small montly subscription fees

Daily Salary

No more hassle of Salary Advances

Circle gives your employees access to their earned wages

You Pay back the withdrawn salaries at month-end

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Reduce the Financial Stress Of Your Employees


Take High Interest Pay Day Loans


Run Out Of Salary Before Pay Day


Employees Are Under Financial Stress

Everything At ZERO Cost

Team Size is no bar for us

Any Team Size

It is not a criteria for us

Payroll Or No Payroll

Launch in 3 Days

Hassle free implementation


How Circle Works?

A simple app to help your employees control there finances

We Partner With You At 0 Cost

No integratiosn, just a simple agreement & we launch in 48 hours.

Your Employees Sign Up

Employees sign in with their HRMS credentials & get access to Circle

Access Real Time Bonus & Salary

Employees can now withdraw their bonus & salaries from Circle.

You Pay Us Back Only if Employee Retains

You pay us back the dues at the end of your pay cycle. Zero risk or liabilty on you.

Secured & Compliant

Standards that you can trust

Built In India  For India

RBI Compliant

Data Secured

Backed By The Best

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